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X index Companies

‘X Index’ Companies (XIC) is a business conglomerate with notable presence in Bangladesh. Initiating in the year 1977, with a heritage spanning over four decades, XIC has established itself as a dynamic and progressive entity in the rapidly growing economy of Bangladesh.

Combining deep ethical value with proven business performance, the company built a heritage of deep social commitment that has earned the trust and respect of its customers. Five core values – Integrity, Ethics, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility – woven into the fabric of ‘X Index’ and its brands are fundamental to its success. The name itself is a unique asset, representing ‘Leadership Through Experience’. It stands for consistent business excellence and profitable growth, with a commitment to the communities it serves and adherence to high standards of corporate governance.

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Wall Tiles
30X60 CM
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Floor Tiles
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60X60 cm
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30X60 cm
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