Get video edited now and ‘Pay later’

(Exclusive offer for YouTube content creators)

Hi from talkingcloud. Talkingcloud works in the area of Video Production, Post-Production and Motion Graphics.

In this time of pandemic, we are going through an experience like never before. We are facing unprecedented challenges on personal as well as professional front. If you are a content creator you cannot be un-touched in these times. On one side, there is a constant need of content creation and on the other side, revenues are dipping like never before.

In this situation, if you wish to keep going with your production, call us. Talkingcloud has come with wonderful offer that works out a win deal for all of us. Just share your ‘Script’ and get your ‘Broadcast ready video’. Have a look at a few samples here.

21+ millions views

25 strangest last meal request on death row

21+ millions views

10 Disney Princesses without makeup

6+ millions views
6+ millions views
28+ millions views

Giant Anaconda Vs Lion who would win?

28+ millions views

What is the OFFER:
Unlike the routine times when you pay upfront for the editing services, we have completely reimagined payment plan to suite the need of the hour. ‘TALKINGCLOUD PAY PER VIEW PACKAGE’ (You pay for your editing cost only after you earn from the video)

Number of views on YouTube Your cost for that video (USD) Total cost for the video (USD)
10,000 $20 $20
100,000 $30 $50
250,000 $40 $90
500,000 $50 $140
1 Million $60 $200


  1. YouTube channel with minimum 500K subscriber is eligible for this offer.
  2. Your channel must be eligible by google for monetization. If the monetization stops within 6 months of delivery of the video, one has to pay for the video editing service.
  3. YouTuber only provides a Script & VO or related footage. You do not need to pay anything upfront for video editing service.
  4. You start paying as per table once you upload and broadcast your video on YouTube. After that pay $20 for every 1M views up to 5M.
  5. Talkingcloud uses licensed content from online video library.
  6. Youtuber agrees to share 'edited with talkingcloud link' in the video description.
  7. Share a talkingcloud link in video & do not pay additional cost for every million views.
  8. Share a link in video with Audio description for talkingcloud & pay only up to 500K views.
  9. Talkingcloud reserves the sole right to choose clients and to discontinue the offer without prior notice.

CONTACT DETAILS: | +91 8000474734 | +91 9099024274